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Previous Issues

Issue 12Dec 2022

Rooted in education

  • Building capacity in Cambodia
  • New decade and new challenges for humanities
  • Marine species can adapt to acidification
Issue 11Jul 2022

Uplifting knowledge transfer

  • Global change through education
  • World Bank project: sharing knowledge across Asia
  • Teaching of Basic Law and national security
Issue 10Dec 2021

The future of learning and teaching

  • From passion to profession: new programmes for new careers
  • How sport can help us all win
  • Promoting children’s positive development
Issue 9Jun 2021

How societies adapted to climate change

  • From research to reality
  • Embracing AI in STEM education
  • Cultivating financial literacy
Issue 8Dec 2020

Stay positive and never give up

  • Chairman’s insights on youth challenges
  • AI education for the future
  • Cross-nation study: is bribery worth the risk?
Issue 7Jun 2020

Fish feed from food waste

  • The Inbetweeners: Diaspora expert explores hybrid cultures
  • Scientific experiments: anytime, anywhere
  • Studies reveal impact of coronavirus pandemic on families
Issue 6Dec 2019

Tribute to Honorary Doctors

  • The eyes are windows to hidden thoughts
  • Data scientist joins the foray to steer FLASS forward
  • RGC funding attests to EdUHK's robust research capacity
Issue 5Jul 2019

Passing the ball wide

  • Silver jubilee celebrations
  • Interview with Professor Si Chung-mou
  • Early advocate of STEM
Issue 4Dec 2018

Animating Chinese Culture

  • Evergreen “Professor Tree” finds new calling at EdUHK
  • Making virtual reality a reality in local schools
  • Korean scholar inspires enthusiasm for Chinese history
Issue 3Jun 2018

Nothing to Lose at the Starting Line

  • Grooming and Inspiring Future Educators 
  • Character-building Starts at Home
  • Teaching to the Beat of the Drum
Issue 2Dec 2017

World Bank Project on Vietnam’s Teacher Development

  • Interview with Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung
  • Knowledge Application in Wolong Reserve
  • Supporting Ethnic Minority Students in Chinese Learning
Issue 1Jun 2017

Eyes on the World

  • Coding the Future
  • Council Chairman: Teachers Deserve the Greatest Respect
  • Supporting SEN Teachers with Neuroscience